100 Days-Booked the Honeymoon Cruise!

3 Mar

 I woke up and almost died doing P90X this morning.  GAH!  Legs and back was hard enough but they weren’t being facetious when they named “Ab Ripper X”.  There were literally times that I felt my abs were RIPPING.  BUT, it’s worth it.  Why??  Because I am going to have a hot bod by the time my honeymoon is here.  Bring it P90X!

After my intense workout I spent an HOUR on the phone with Priceline trying to book our Honeymoon and flights!  Jeremy had tried online but discovered some sketchy options. He had to go, so I went ahead and called.  Seriously though, an hour?  RIDICULOUS! We already had everything determined, down to the exact room number and deck, I thought that MAYBE it would take me 20 minutes.  Oh my heavens it took ages.  But I’m glad I booked everything over the phone, even if it made me 30 minutes late to work this morning!!

The “special” online deals to receive a free hotel night don’t actually work online, which is why we went with Priceline in the first place.  Fortunately, over the phone I was able to ask specific questions about travel insurance, meal times, and payment options.  They read me the small print and then e-mailed it. 

Be so careful if you book online, there are far too many loopholes and unknowns!  I remedied some potentially serious problems by discussing things over the phone, PLUS we received the “Honeymoon” package for FREE which was not an online option. (Maybe everyone gets this, but humor me because I was pretty excited!)

After the long phone call and very professional business transaction I wanted to SCREAM!  Not because I was mad but because I was SOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO excited!  We booked our first vacation as a married couple!  We will board the ship as Mr. and Mrs. McNair.  YES! Oh my goodness I can’t wait! 

100 Days, 100 Days, 100 Days!!!  WOO HOO!

These are my last 100 days of being single.  The last 100 days of saying goodnight and watching him walk out the door.  The last 100 days of calling him my fiancé. The final 100 days of intense P90X workouts. The final 100 days before I’m Jeremy’s wife. The last 100 days before my signature is forever changed.  The last 100 Days before I’m a McNair.

Now for passport cards and new drivers licenses! 

5 Responses to “100 Days-Booked the Honeymoon Cruise!”

  1. mrsmire March 3, 2011 at 8:56 PM #

    Congratulations! I definitely know that feeling, and even though we had a very short engagement, it is so so so fun and surreal after you take that walk down the aisle, just knowing that you are married. We are excited for you guys and hope everything goes great!

  2. Mike March 8, 2011 at 6:33 AM #

    Wow! 100 Days! It’s going to come along much quicker than anyone could imagine.

    As for 100 days until you’re a McNair … well you will always be a Fairbanks you know. Even so, keep thinking about a scene from a Star Trek movie and let it echo in the back of your mind: “You have been assimilated!”.

    • tryingonjoyforsize March 8, 2011 at 9:08 AM #

      You’re very right, I will always be a Fairbanks. You can spot one a mile away, we have very obvious (or odd) tendencies. 🙂
      I am quite excited to be a McNair though! It’ll be interesting to explain to all the students I’m working with that my name changed… haha!


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