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68 Days-New Invitations, New Tuxes, and Being Too Sentimental

4 Apr

On Saturday we managed to accomplish a ridiculous amount, I worked, and we went to my girlfriend’s out-of-town wedding (which was stunning) all before the wedding planning began.

Remember our invitations?

Our wedding colors were entirely unheard of 14 months ago so finding them on anything was rather exciting. The fact that the invitations looked more like something that should say “Come Celebrate Bobby’s Fifth Birthday at the Howbowkentown Carnival” didn’t seem to cross our minds.

Plus, they came on cheap cardstock. Cardstock!!!


To add some pizzazz Jeremy designed cards with our wedding website to match the invitations. At Fed-Ex we discovered this purchase might be a little more than we were hoping for, that our printed sample came out a gillion shades darker than the invitations, plus they were printed on better quality paper than the invitations. Joy.

At this point I am working very hard to take even breaths to avoid hyperventilation or a panic attack.

In the midst of our frustration the truth came out:

One of us hinted at not loving the invitations,

I mentioned the cheap paper they were printed on,

Jeremy teased about the childish design,

and I finally said I was embarrassed to send them out.

That did it for him; Jeremy decided we needed to go to Target to look at nice paper and said he would design invitations. The man is paid to produce graphic design work for other people, why on earth did he not design our invitations in the first place? Why were we so sentimental about those stupid Etsy invitations?????

At Target we found affordable, classy, invitation sets. Even better, the money we were going to spend on business cards and stamps for the other invitations was almost exactly the same as what we’d spend on the new ones. Excellent.

Next, we went to a new Men’s Wearhouse and Jeremy let them know we had sort of been coerced into ordering all of the bells and whistles at another Men’s Wearhouse and were hoping for a better experience. Excellent approach.

The lady was immediately ready to prove how much better their Men’s Wearhouse was and ended up putting together a package for our groomsmen for under $80! That’s HALF of what we were originally going to spend.

Sunday afternoon we explored Michael’s to find ribbon to add color to our new invitations. Michael’s is AMAZING. They have TONS of ultra-affordable wedding items.

Why did no one tell us about these stores??

Along with ribbon we found red wax to make monogrammed seals. Unfortunately, wax seals are not easy to produce.

Something tells me that drops of red wax on white paper and incomplete seals are not going to fit the classy look we hoped for! Plan B: wrap ribbon around to add a subtle burst of color.

Before evening church I cut ribbon, failed at making seals, and Jeremy worked on putting together the designs for our invitations. He’s the best. We only solidly decided on 2 songs. Haha You may be hearing about that to-do in a future post.

After our evening service I spent FOREVER wrapping ribbons around each invitation sleeve. If you don’t know me well, I sleep at night so staying up is a struggle.  To my delight, I woke up LONG before daylight to hail I thought was going to shatter my window! Special.

On the bright side:

I spent a ton of time with the love of my life. 

Jeremy saved the day. He comforted me and took over when I was stressed and emotional. 🙂

We have elegant invitations now!

Advice: Don’t spend hundreds on invitations: go to Target, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby first!


99 Days-To Veil or Not to Veil?

4 Mar

Seriously though… I’m having a dilemma here.  My mom was going to hand-stitch me a veil which would have been absolutely gorgeous!  Unfortunately, I’m getting married outside and I’m not okay with the idea of my veil being blown in my face and strangling and/or suffocating me or anyone near. Obviously, I have seen FAR too many images that should be titled:

Attack of the Veil

The sneaky wedding day nemesis you cannot avoid!

I might look back at pictures like this and chuckle about it later, but it’s not later. 😛

Here’s the situation, I’ll be walking down a large flight of stairs with my wonderful (yet stiff) Dad, trying not to trip over my dress, hoping not to slip in my tall heels, with one arm hooked through Dad’s and a bouquet in the other hand.  The possibility of a breeze grabbing hold of my veil and wrapping around me and dad is WAY too frightening… I could trip, step on my dress, roll down the stairs, rip my dress and accidently pull my dad with me. Okay, that was a pretty funny mental image. I may have chuckled a bit. Really though, if it actually happened there would be lots of gasps, lots of pain, and the mood would be significantly dampened.

Granted, there is a good chance this wouldn’t happen, but the fact that it could TERRIFIES me.  I would really like to have an elegant and fun wedding that doesn’t involve severe injury.

Because of this I’m considering two options: no veil or a simple birdcage veil.

As I was perusing wedding blogs I found out that Anthropologie now has a full wedding shop!!  Thanks to Artful Bride for the heads up! In all honesty, I would NEVER dish out the cash it would cost to deck myself out with Anthropologie attire, though perhaps I could find a cool vintage veil that won’t require a warning sticker.  

Scratch that… I just went to the website and the prices are CRAZY!  I could spend more at Anthroplogie on a veil than I did on my dress! GAH!  That is NOT in our budget!  Haha!! Besides, their options are a bit over the top for my taste

In distress I typed in “veil” on Etsy and came up with hundreds of gorgeous options for under $100. YES PLEASE! Etsy, don’t fail me now!!


Windy Veil Picture Credits: Top left to right/Bottom left to right