Counting Down The Days

I’ve found myself obsessed with wedding blogs,, David’s bridal, and my P90X workouts.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked at my dress on the David’s Bridal site, perused other bride’s engagement photos and wedding inspiration, or ordered wedding goodies online.  It’s getting slightly ridiculous, but I’m going to relish this, you’re only a bride once!  

As long as I’m still waiting on packages full of wedding items to arrive at my front door, working on the final budget, working out to P90X like my life depends on it, and day-dreaming about Honeymoon options, I might as well share it with the rest of the world!

I could quite easily complain about all the ridiculous tasks ahead, but I’ve decided it’s way easier to laugh about, plus, it burns calories!!!  Every bride knowns that burning calories before the wedding is always a plus.  That’s my goal, to laugh off the stress and bask in the wonderful reality that after a long LOOOOONG wait, I am soon to be Mrs. Erica McNair.  Man that sounds good!

Here I will document the ups, downs, mistakes, lessons, joys, inspiration, and blessings of our last 100 days before marriage!

These are my last 100 days of being single.  The last 100 days of saying goodnight and watching him walk out the door.  The last 100 days of calling him my fiancé. The final 100 days of intense P90X workouts. The final 100 days before I’m Jeremy’s wife. The last 100 days before my signature is forever changed.  The last 100 Days before I’m a McNair.

Wedding Countdown Ticker


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