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86 Days: Conflicts, Hair, and UPS

17 Mar

The venue where Jeremy and I will be married recently informed us that there would be another wedding happening on the premises at the SAME time as ours. Special. 

What do you say to that?

Uh, no this is MY wedding day not theirs?  

Basically what this means is there will be less parking, fewer guest rooms, and smaller windows of opportunity for picture taking.  On top of another wedding the same day, at the same venue, at the same time, the annual biker rally will be in full force. Looks like we’ll be trying to find hotel rooms on the outskirts of town because our venue booked quickly.  Because God is good and gracious there were a few rooms available so that the bridesmaids and I will be able to be there in the morning to get ready.  We’ll be married at 10am so we don’t exactly have all the time in the world to prep.

As I mentioned in a past blog, I’ve yet to decide what to do with my hair.  I thought of all manner of options:

I was non-chalantly talking over all of the ideas with Jeremy when he told me he liked me just as I was and didn’t want me to look like an entirely different person on our wedding day.  Translation: Please don’t do a crazy hair-do.  I had spent all of this time fussing over making myself as elegant as possible which meant, to me, as different as possible.  But HELLO, Jeremy didn’t fall in love with a big bun and froofy flowers, he fell in love with the straight-blonde-haired-average-Jane.  I’m going to embrace that, why wouldn’t I?  He’s going to look just like the man I fell in love with, so I should look just like the woman he fell in love with! 🙂

Now the questions become how do I “spice-up” my everyday look without overdoing it and who on earth will come to do my hair at 6:30am?

Remember that package that ended up in Timbuktu?  Well, it finally came to the right town and twice they’ve tried to drop it off around 1pm… Well I’m at work at 1pm.  UPS doesn’t care. If they try to drop it off the 3rd time unsuccessfully they will ship it BACK. BACK??? NOOO!!! The stinkin’ package has been traveling the country since March 2nd! What do I do???

Because Jeremy is the best fiancé ever, he arranged to pick up the package from a distribution center in town. Though, this is slightly disconcerting; as far as UPS is concerned, Jeremy has NO connection to me.  Yet, somehow he persuaded them he had the authority to pick up the package… This means my neighbor could have come to my door, grabbed the UPS sticker, called customer service, and picked up my package without me ever knowing… Neat.

On the bright side, I just ordered ADORABLE address labels from Etsy that match our invitations PERFECTLY!  One set for invitations with my last name, and one set for Thank-You cards that say Jeremy and Erica McNair.  It looks WONDERFUL! 🙂  The colors match better in real life. 🙂 (Of course these all needed to be slightly edited so the world couldn’t see our parent’s names, venue address, and home address). 

A few words of advice:

1. Book hotel rooms early and make sure there are plenty of available rooms for guests.

2. Don’t over-do your hair and makeup so much that your Husband-to-be hardly recognizes you, he’s marrying you for a reason.

3. Keep tabs on your UPS packages, customer service is far too easily persuaded.


99 Days-To Veil or Not to Veil?

4 Mar

Seriously though… I’m having a dilemma here.  My mom was going to hand-stitch me a veil which would have been absolutely gorgeous!  Unfortunately, I’m getting married outside and I’m not okay with the idea of my veil being blown in my face and strangling and/or suffocating me or anyone near. Obviously, I have seen FAR too many images that should be titled:

Attack of the Veil

The sneaky wedding day nemesis you cannot avoid!

I might look back at pictures like this and chuckle about it later, but it’s not later. 😛

Here’s the situation, I’ll be walking down a large flight of stairs with my wonderful (yet stiff) Dad, trying not to trip over my dress, hoping not to slip in my tall heels, with one arm hooked through Dad’s and a bouquet in the other hand.  The possibility of a breeze grabbing hold of my veil and wrapping around me and dad is WAY too frightening… I could trip, step on my dress, roll down the stairs, rip my dress and accidently pull my dad with me. Okay, that was a pretty funny mental image. I may have chuckled a bit. Really though, if it actually happened there would be lots of gasps, lots of pain, and the mood would be significantly dampened.

Granted, there is a good chance this wouldn’t happen, but the fact that it could TERRIFIES me.  I would really like to have an elegant and fun wedding that doesn’t involve severe injury.

Because of this I’m considering two options: no veil or a simple birdcage veil.

As I was perusing wedding blogs I found out that Anthropologie now has a full wedding shop!!  Thanks to Artful Bride for the heads up! In all honesty, I would NEVER dish out the cash it would cost to deck myself out with Anthropologie attire, though perhaps I could find a cool vintage veil that won’t require a warning sticker.  

Scratch that… I just went to the website and the prices are CRAZY!  I could spend more at Anthroplogie on a veil than I did on my dress! GAH!  That is NOT in our budget!  Haha!! Besides, their options are a bit over the top for my taste

In distress I typed in “veil” on Etsy and came up with hundreds of gorgeous options for under $100. YES PLEASE! Etsy, don’t fail me now!!


Windy Veil Picture Credits: Top left to right/Bottom left to right