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31 Days-Wedding Planning on Steroids

11 May

This past weekend we had a couple’s shower there that has been planned since January and that I thought would never arrive! We also hadn’t finalized the perfect taste for our cakes, needed to completely start over with our wedding flowers, and hosted a baby shower for a good friend of ours.  This all had to happen between 9 am and 8pm on Saturday because we arrived late Friday and were leaving at 4am so that we could be back into town to drop off the dog at my place and get to church by 8. No big.

Hence the“Wedding Planning on Steroids” title.

Amazingly at 9am, we met with the florist whose name was Blossom.  BLOSSOM! Jeremy balked when he realized this, I forgot to warn him and I’m really glad he didn’t snicker when we met her! The woman was born to be a florist.  She was wonderfully helpful and between my mother and I we managed to arrange for a floral arrangement within our price range and according to our tastes in 30 minutes. Score.

Off to the bakery.  Oh my heavens! We tried custom-made cupcakes to decide on the perfect flavors and, they are, without exaggeration, the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had.  Jeremy even blogged about it he liked them so much.  His cake will be devils food, with chocolate buttercream, and chocolate Bavarian filling. YUM!!!  My cake will be a simple 3 tiered white cake that is all moist vanilla, with buttercream icing, and Bavarian cream filling.  I cannot tell you how excited Jeremy and I are about the Bavarian filling, it’s beyond wonderful. No fondant for us, it makes for some pretty cool designs but I am not at all a fan of the taste. Plus, these cakes will be on display for maybe and hour and then we will devour them, why would I spend $800 on that?

2 tasks down and it was only 10:30!

All I really have to say about the shower is, wow.  I cannot believe the number of people who showed up to support us and the thoughtful gifts everyone gave.  Thank you, thank you!  We were so crazy blessed by everyone.

Next, stop back by my parents house, say hello to my sister and nephews, run to Wal-Mart to get final items for our friend’s baby shower.

We were running on adrenaline and by Sunday afternoon Jeremy passed out on the couch and I barely made it upstairs to my room before I was totally knocked out.

It was well worth it.

I still need to figure out the candies for the candy bar, we need to write our vows, finalize our wedding music, make our programs, and I hope and pray that is it!!!  At this point, if we forgot something. Oh well.  We’re getting married June 11th, and that is the whole point of all this madness anyways!


38 Days-Contemplating Married Life

4 May

Today has been a very “married” day.  This seems to be happening more and more frequently, and I LOVE it.

This morning on my way to work I was feeling a little queasy, but figured it would pass.  At the gas station I started feeling downright nauseas and then realized that I had locked my keys in my car. Score.  Fortunately, I was at QT (the greatest gas station chain ever created) and there were very nice people inside who gave me a phone book, and a very nice customer who suggested a reasonable locksmith. By reasonable I mean, they demanded our first born, but hey, it’s better than their competitors who demanded all of our eventual offspring.

While this is happening I text my mother-in-law to be to see if she knows anyone in the area.  Meanwhile, as I peruse the yellow pages my stomach decides it would rather not keep the smoothie I had for breakfast, so I nonchalantly head to the sparkling clean QT bathroom, and return to call the locksmith.  Aside from the poor lady washing her hands as I rushed in, I don’t think anyone else could tell I was sick.

Then, I text Jeremy and he immediately has several rescue options available.  One involved driving 6 hours for a spare key.  That’s true love. 🙂

Needless to say, I’m feeling terribly so I went home and Jeremy showed up soon after and made me chicken noodle soup.  We ran a few errands, but I didn’t last long, so he brought me home.  Despite feeling miserable, my body does not want to sleep, so I’m quietly typing away as my hubby-to-be rests on the couch before work. I’m just in a rather contemplative mood and enjoying just being together.

I love the simplicity of it all.

I love him.

I love that I’m going to be his wife.

Oh my!  I need to wake him up!!!

Oops!  Well, he’s up and getting ready to head to work.

This week has been crazy for us.  But it’s great because it’s leading up to an awesome couples shower!! (how do you spell that any ways?  Is it an apostrophe in reference to a shower for the couple, or is it just an s as in multiple couples who will be attending??? My inner English major periodically rears its nerdy head. Excuse me.)  We also have a meeting with a new florist (I know it’s late to meet with a florist… there will be another blog with flower details) My fabulous sister, and maid of honor, has taken care of all of our cake details, so we will do a little bit of cake testing this weekend as well.  I’m SO excited!

No big news right now, which is why the blogging has been rather infrequent.  Mostly drama with the flowers and I’ll blog about that once it’s settled. 🙂 I found a fabulously simple bouquet from one of the photographers I blog stalk. 🙂 So, in case you’re terribly curious, here is what I’m hoping the bridesmaids’ flowers will look like:

38 days until I’m Mrs. McNair.

Get ready to read about my cooking attempts, our RSVP’s, new workout options, and more.  The days are ticking by and I LOVE it!!